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Since 2012, KL&A has built a national reputation in the design of specialty wood and mass timber structures, including Colorado’s first Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) commercial building, the CSU Pavilion in Fort Collins completed in 2014, and the Aspen Art Museum, a highly articulated timber project fabricated in British Columbia with CNC equipment, also in 2014.  Among the several motivations for using mass timber are its use as a renewable resource, its ability to lower the embodied carbon of buildings, and its potential to be easily disassembled and reused in a cradle-to-cradle cycle. 




In  2019, KL&A assembled a focused team of engineers devoted to reducing embodied carbon in our structures and began preparing Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) for select projects.  KL&A is a signatory of the SE 2050 Challenge and has set goals to align our practice to understand embodied carbon in structural materials, to provide Life Cycle Assessments on our projects, and to reduce embodied carbon in our buildings.

How do buildings fit into the big picture?

The following chart shows that global CO2 emissions for the core and shell (foundations, superstructure, enclosure) are 11% of the total.  Total global CO2 emissions are expected to be 40 Gt (1 Gt = 1 billion metric tons), so the core and shell represent about 4.4 Gt of annual global CO2 emissions.  “Other Building Materials” represents the 4.0 Gt in the MEP, Civil, Interiors and Construction components.

...and what role does structure play?

Of the 21% of global CO2 embodied carbon of new buildings, comprised of core and shell and other building materials, structure makes up 6%.

KL&A's Goals and Commitments

Meet our SE 2050 Challenge Commitments.


Work towards producing LCA’s on all of our projects.


Develop partnerships with other professionals and suppliers to develop Whole Building LCA’s.


Measure and manage KL&A’s own corporate carbon footprint.


Periodically update this information with progress reports and some Key Performance Indicators. 

We are seeking owners, architects, engineers, contractors and suppliers who would like to help all of us find ways to reduce embodied carbon in our projects.


For more information or to learn how to get us involved with LCA's for your project, please reach out to Bob Redwine or Alexis Feitel.,




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