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Our Services


Our integrated mindset benefits projects, clients, teams, communities, employees, and families; it's how we revolutionize the way structures are designed and built. 



Since our inception, we have crafted the art of adding value to the traditional approach of consulting engineering.  Our differentiators in delivery are collaborative and project centric, facilitating a more engaging design process.  Our expertise is unparalleled and is the bridge to all project types, all materials and construction techniques, and all delivery methods.  Our reliability in outcome is un-matched, our creativity is enticing, and our technical advancements in the industry will bring you back for more.

Structural Engineering



We are well versed in the various building materials and construction techniques. Our designers collaborate with the key trades to blend design intent with the built environment that is best suited for the project constraints.

       Mass Timber

       New Construction in All Materials

       Renovation, Addition and Retrofit

       Structural Assessment & Feasibility Studies

       Sustainable Design & LEED

       Design Assist & Connection Design

       Peer Review Services

       Local Construction Administration Representative

Material & Method Experts



KL&A uses a “FIELD-TO-FINISH” approach for the civil engineering on projects.  This involves the engineer being on the survey crew which performs the preconstruction site survey.  This approach has proven very beneficial as the engineer gains a very in-depth understanding of the site while performing the survey.  It also ensures all data needed for the design is collected.  The engineer will then transition into preparing the plans with an immediate understanding of the site and the ability to recognize potential conflicts before the design begins.  The engineer then proceeds into the roles of construction administration to complete the project.

Civil Engineering

Civil Construction


     Pedestrian ways


     Sanitary sewer

     Storm sewer

     Septic systems

     Erosion control

     Construction Administration

Site Development

     Site layout

     Site grading

     Utility plans

     Storm water detention/retention

     Parking lot design

     Erosion control

     Drainage reports

KL&A strives to perform high quality surveys and to provide great customer service.  Our staff is experienced in using optical and GPS survey equipment to efficiently complete surveys.  We provide an exceptional level of service based on our high quality of work and maintaining open lines of communication.

     Boundary / Cadastral

     Planimetric / Site Surveys

     ALTA / Land Title

     Construction Staking


     Corner Records

     Metes & Bounds Descriptions

     Elevation Certificates

Land Surveying

KL&A has FAA-licensed pilots for using an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS), A.K.A. drone, to collect high-resolution images and videos.  Data from these aerial surveys are used on a wide variety of applications for capturing the existing conditions at a project site.  KL&A has found aerial surveys to provide an enhanced product for our clients.

Aerial Surveys

  • General aerial video and photography

  • Base mapping

    • Georeferenced Orthophoto with associated coordinate world file

    • Topographic contours

  • Volumetric calculations for material stockpiles

KL&A can provide an array of services to the energy sectors.  Our staff of engineers and land surveyors have experience working with oil, gas, and coal companies in the permitting and construction of their projects.  These services have included:

  • State of Wyoming and Federal Well Pad Application Packets

    • Well Plats

    • Well Pad Designs

    • Well Pad Access Road Design

    • Well Pad Reclamation Design

  • As-built Surveys of Existing Infrastructure

  • Staking New Infrastructure

  • Staking Well Pads

  • Staking Pipeline Corridors

  • Staking Road Corridors

  • Subsidence Studies

  • Design of Secondary Containment Areas


Civil Engineering
Construction Services



Steel Construction

For the past 25 years, KL&A has provided full steel construction services through our integrated approach, and was awarded ENR's Top 600 Specialty Contractors in 2020. We ARE your trusted partner for projects large and small. Our portfolio ranges from $25K to $150M and spans across all categories, including:

       Complicated miscellaneous metals packages

       Egress and monumental stair systems

       20-story steel structures



       High end single family residential

       Prefabricated systems

Constantly providing reliability through schedule compression, cost reduction and collaboration.

Steel Detailing

Integration is our mindset. We are project centric virtual builders, combining steel detailing and high collaboration to achieve project successes faster, cheaper, and more creatively than the competition. We are experts translating design into buildable 3-D fabrication and erection models, capturing the simple and driving the complex.

We have a strong portfolio of work, capturing simple structures to the exceptionally complex. We detail for many fabricators as well as to support our in-house construction work. 



Mass Timber

Since the early 2000s, KL&A has seen mass timber as a key component of design strategies to minimize embodied carbon and reduce construction time while delivering architecturally stunning buildings. We have accordingly organized our practice to be the premier structural designer of mass timber in the Rocky Mountain Region. KL&A’s history with heavy timber structures started with our very first project and has continued to this day. Since about 2010, that practice has included the innovative new materials and systems known as mass timber construction.

Team Carbon.jpg

Embodied Carbon &

Life Cycle Assessments

In 2019, KL&A created a team of engineers focused on the environmental impact of our structures. KL&A is a signatory to the SE2050 Challenge and is devoted to reducing the embodied carbon in the built environment. We offer Structural Life Cycle Assessment, Embodied Carbon Impact Reports, Embodied Carbon education, material salvage and deconstruction consulting, and mass timber design.  



Expanded Offerings
Mass Timber
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