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Integration is a mindset that seeks active engagement through all that we do. We are engineers first and foremost, which makes us more knowledgeable in our steel detailing and steel construction. We also take great pride in our sustainability efforts, utilizing mass timber to minimize embodied carbon in our structures, and providing Life Cycle Assessments on all of our projects.


Benefits of integRAting KL&A's SeRvices


Fully Integrated Steel Construction Services

2,400T structural steel, CorTek, stairs and rails, misc. metals

Project Centric Thinking

We believe that understanding an owner's goals is the essence to achieving success on a project. Our project leadership will guide the team to the right solution for the project that is aligned with the owner's goals.


Fully Integrated Steel Construction Services

800T structural steel, RediCor, misc. metals

In-House Collaboration

We put our engineering team, steel detailers, and construction managers under one roof to break down the traditional barriers of communication, and to solve tough budget and schedule demands. The majority of our detailers and construction managers come with engineering backgrounds allowing them to effectively communicate with the design and construction teams.


Fully Integrated Steel Construction Services

4 Residential Buildings w/ Balcony Frames/Rails, Pool/Fireside Canopy, Trellis, Main Street Canopy, Site and Stainless pool rails, pool fence and infilled structural steel

Cost Control


By engaging us early, we are able to make constructible and efficient detailing while providing in-house budgeting throughout the design process. Through our relationships with trusted industry partners we are able to pull together the right team for the project with preferred pricing.


Traditional Steel Construction Services

90 tons misc metals, stairs, elevator steel, cable rails, façade steel

ReliabilityFaster Speed to Market

KL&A's fully integrated steel service delivers the fastest speed to market for steel frame structure in the industry. Our teams work side by side overlapping the design, detailing and construction processes to pull time out of the project schedule. Through our internal detailing and time tested industry relationships, we are known for our ability to meet schedule challenges.

Let's CReAte togetheR

For more information, or if you are interested in KL&A becoming an integrated part of your team, send us an email to: ​

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