Celebrating 20 Years of Service!


KL&A is a Rocky Mountain region company providing structural engineering, steel detailing, construction management, and vertically integrated delivery of steel structures.  Our mission is to maximize value for the client through a collaborative process of structural design and construction that eliminates waste at all levels.  At the heart of our organization are structural engineers, construction managers, and steel detailers trained in economy, constructability, service, and the art of architecture. 

KL&A celebrates 20 years of service......


Our structural engineers are known for creativity, economy, responsiveness, and a clear understanding of client needs.  The range of our experience is broad, from design-driven architecture to functional and industrial structures.  In common to all of our projects are a client-centered focus and an atmosphere of innovation and technical excellence. 

Our construction operations are driven by deep experience in fabrication, erection, connection design, constructablility, and structural design, all of which affect economy and schedule at the earliest stages of design. 

Our greatest strength is the integration of all of our services in a single delivery system that eliminates the waste created when design and construction are compartmentalized into separate silos.  Integration and engagement of construction engineering and estimating into the earliest phases of a project results in reliable early pricing, compressed schedules, and increased quality and safety.  Our process has been proven repeatedly in all types of projects and economic cycles.