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Steel Detailing is the process of translating structural drawings – fundamentally conceptual documents – first into complete 3-dimensional building models including every bolt, hole and stiffener, and then into shop drawings and fabricated steel.  At KL&A, steel detailing is not just an extra service thrown in at the end; it has been an integral part of our business and our design process for over 15 years.  Our in-house professional detailing and building modeling staff uses state-of-the-art SDS/2 steel detailing software, in which a true-BIM 3-D model of the building serves as the basis for generation of all of the individual member drawings, erection views, and CNC instructions for shop fabrication equipment.  We are experienced with a broad range of project types from bridges to industrial facilities to high end custom residences and our licensed engineers are available to provide design assist and connection design as required.

KL&A offers structural steel detailing as a standalone service and bundled with structural design services as part of integrated steel construction to give our clients better control over the process.  By overlapping our detailing and structural design, we increase the quality of the design drawings while cutting weeks off of the design/construction schedule.  This doesn’t eliminate the questions that arise when the design is carried to the next level of detail, it just keeps the Q&A “in-house”, minimizing the RFI’s and saving hours of administrative time for the design/construction team.  These savings are dwarfed by the savings that result from high quality detailing.  These days, when much of the structural steel detailing is shipped to third world countries because of favorable pricing, we offer our design/construction team the advantage of high quality local detailing by people who are intimately familiar with the project.  When we do the detailing, it eliminates any ambiguity about who is responsible for connection design.  We are responsible for – and have control over – all aspects of the structural design.




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