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1170 Westhaven Circle


12,631 sf, split level single family residence. 


12 Salvation Circle


8,250 sf single family residence including garage.


122 Reds Road


2-story house with crawlspace


2145 Knollwood Residence


Single family residence totaling 6,800 gsf including garage, elevated exterior decks and the auto-court. 


3 Creek Ranch Compound


Custom residence featuring exposed heavy timbers and expansive mountain views located in a high seismic zone.


300 American Lane


Single family residence with caretaker unit totaling 19,500 gsf. 


310 Eastwood


5,000 sf single family residence including garage with two levels. 


379 Ridge Road Residence


Single family residence of 9,500 sf as well as a 1,200 sf terrace with pool and hot tub. 


502 Wrights Road


11,500 sf single family residence including garage and breezeway.


541 Steele Street


7,300 sf single family residence.


627 Smuggler


Remodel to an existing two story residence with a full basement. 


84 Riverbend


8,844 sf single family residence constructed from wood framing supported on cast in place concrete.


Alpha 1


18,000 sf single family residence with detached caretaker unit of 750 sf. 


Aspen House


7,000 sf single family residence including garage. 


Aspen Residence 1


7,000sf custom residence and 3,000sf guest house with exposed heavy timber trusses and framing with large expansive glass.


Berg Residence


8,000 sf single family residence, primarily wood framing with steel as needed, including garage.


Bigos Residence


8,750 sf two story single family residence including 750 sf garage. 




Two single family residences, front house is 6,500 sf including garage, porches and detached pool house. Back house is 4,750 sf including garage and balconies.


Bodman Residence


12,500 sf single family residence with 5,500 sf below grade garage and additional living space. 


Border House


9,000 sf contemporary wood framed house located on an open meadow in the Colorado mountains. 


Boulder Retreat


5,000 sf single family residence at the base of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.  


Bradford Residence


6,340 square foot single family residence.  Main level is wood framing over crawl space.  Upper level is wood and steel framing.  Roof is cross-laminated timber supported by wood bearing walls and steel framing.  Lateral system is wood shear walls and specially reinforced masonry shear walls.


Bridge House


12,000 sf single family residence including remodel of private bridge which is the entrance to the property.


Butte House


10,000 sf private residence featuring structured terrace over interior space and covered porches and canopies.


Casa Moraga


4,300 sf modern residence featuring sustainable construction using aerated autoclaved concrete


Chain Residence


1,000 sf two-story addition to an existing house plus a carport.


Chatfield Residence


Remodel of an existing single family 4,500 sf residence. 


Crandall Building Remodel/Addition


The project consists of a 2,500 sf penthouse on the top of the historic Crandall Building.  The remodel/addition to the Crandall Building brought the 1970's building up to 21st century standards while keeping the essence of the building that was originally designed by artist and architect Thomas W. Benton.


CVC Tiny Home


Design of a single prototype moveable tiny home that could be replicated and built on different sites and moved to another site with limited deconstruction.All material was also donated, and Cherry Creek Innovation Campus’ high school students are constructing the homes.


Davis Residence


Single family residence of 14,000sf with a basement and two levels above grade.


DeFoor Residence


8,000 sf single family house that is two-stories with large cantilevered flat roofs and long transom windows.


Diamond Head Residence


8,500 sf two-story private residence with extensive pool and landscape features


Difficult Lane Residence


10,700 sf single family residence.


Difiore Residence


4,000 sf single family residence including garage and decks structured with cross laminated timber.


Double L


Five residential buildings, two of which involve relocation and renovation of log structures totaling 15,500sf. 


Dowler Residence


7,500 sf single family residence with two detached dwellings, including a historic Victorian home renovation and addition.


Duncan Residence


Remodel and relocation of an existing historic house, including the construction of a new two story single family residence with a full basement. 


Edelson Residence


6,000 sf single family residence with three wings, one of which has an upper level.  Home has mostly wood-framed floors, a mix of wood and steel for the roof, and exposed structural steel columns and steel bents.


Ewing Guest House


2000sf guest house, traditional wood stick frame with a pitched roof. 


Fanny Hill Cabins


Ten single-family cabins totaling 43,472 sf including a caretaker cottage and a 12,360 sf underground parking garage. 


Fish Creek Guest House


950 sf guest house with roof that cantilevers in all directions and has very thin eave profile. 


Folly Pointe Residence


Private Pool house and pool structure on the coast with exposed steel and a green roof. 


Game On


4,200 sf LEED Gold single family residence with detached garage


Gerstan Residence


10,000 sf custom two-story residence with one level of basement.


Glade Park


4,510 sf two level, single family home including 960 sf detached garage.


Gros Ventre Residence


6,700 sf residence economically built with pre-manufactured roof trusses to create eight foot roof cantilevers with a contemporary aesthetic.




Single family residence of 6,000 sf including garage, and a 440 sf exterior structured deck. 


Harland Leeds Residence


11,000 sf single family residence including retaining walls, structured terraces, heated pool, hot tub, and a garage.


Highlands Pond


The Highlands Pond Residence is a single family home situated on five acres near the base of Aspen Highland's Thunderbowl.  The residence has been honored by its selection for the cover of "Project 2013" issue of Global Architecture Houses.  Unique features of the residence include: structural glass floors, a 68' clear span Porte Cochere, a 58' radiused cast glass wall, over 500 cubic yards of architecturally exposed concrete walls and columns, and a combination of titanium and granite paver roof finishes.


Indian Paintbrush Residence


Private residence winner of 2005 Merit Award, Western Mountain region Chapter of AIA. 


Inyanga Residence


6,900 sf custom residence including multiple barrel-vaulted roof elements. 




6,285 sf single residence with a 1,000 sf guest house, and a 720 sf detached garage.  




Single family 6,860 sf multi story residence with a 1,620 sf detached barn. 


Kalishman Residence


A single family residence with a detached shed and guest house to make a combined 8,900 sf.




Renovation to a single family residence, with an additional free standing building.


Kemmerer Addition


Addition of an interior living space of 325 sf, and a new exterior deck of 250 sf to a single family residence.


Kohn Residence


Two story single family residence with detached garage and roof top terraces totaling 7,000 sf.


Ladhani Residence


6,000 sf two story single family residence including garage. Structured with wood framing and steel.


Lamsam Sagan


Single family, multi level residence.


Leila Ranch


17,000 sf single family residence, comprised of four distinct volumes including garage and indoor swimming pool. 


Lieb Barn


Structural Design of 36x50 barn with full loft and 12x24 sun room


Linger Retreat


4,850 sf single family residence and design of 1,210 sf two story accessory building.


Lion's Tale


11,300 gsf single family residence including garage and decks, with extensive heavy timber elements and several feature stairs. 


Logan Pavilion


2,475 sf, low cost single family residence; built in 4 months on a tight budget. 1998 Honor Award for WMR AIA.


Logan Pavilion Lounge


860 sf pavilion lounge that functions as a guest house; 2000 Merit Award for WMR AIA, 2002 Honor Award for WY AIA. 


Lost Creek Cabin


3,500 sf residence located in a high snow and seismic region.  The residence is located on private lands surrounded by Grand Teton National Park and features expansive views of the surrounding landscape. 


MAAS Lake House


12,500 sf single family residence including garage plus a 2,000 sf detached boat garage.


Maffei Residence


15,000 gsf three story single family residence, including a partial basement. 


Magee Residence


7,000 square-foot single family residence


Martini Residence


Single family, multi level residence of 9,368 gsf. 


Meadow House


12,000 sf single family residence situated into the hillside


Metz Residence


Private residence include formally presented art collections: 7,400 sf two-story residence and a 1,600 sf barn. 


Midland Residence


12,000 sf single family residence including decks, pools and green roofs. 


Mojo Residence


8,000 sf four story single family residence on a steeply slopping site. 




Two level, single family residence of 9,000 sf with a walk out basement. 


Peaks View Residence


6,500 sf residence in a high snow and seismic region with partially exposed glulam beam construction.


Pearl Residence


7,200 sf single family residence. 


Placer Lane 2 Residence


10,000 sf single family residence on spread footing foundations. 


Placer Lane Residence


15,000 sf composite steel framed residence featuring cantilevered roofs and cantilevered rooms. 


Polo Club Residence


10,000 sf new two story residence and 1,400 sf single story guest house featuring large eaves and massive stone clad walls supported by drilled piers to accommodate the site conditions. 




Two level, single family residence of 9,170 sf. 


Private Compound


10,000 sf compound including a large house, house barn, guesthouse, and a triangular barbeque pavilion.


Private Residence 1


10,000 sf residence with highly refined architectural details and robust mechanical systems. Partial basement under the garage is designed as a watertight as it is located several feet below the natural water table. 


Private Residence 2


Private residence winner of 2005 Merit Award, Western Mountain Region Chapter of AIA.


Private Residence 3


8,000 sf residence featuring exposed roof trusses constructed of structural steel and glue-lam beams and large swaths of exterior windows in a high seismic region.


Private Residence 4


7,000 sf residing featuring sustainable design, architectural concrete, and exposed heavy timbers.


PT Ranch


14,000 sf  private residence with exposed glulams roof structure, laminated stainless steel columns, and exposed weathering steel shear walls.




Single family residence with 7,100 sf of interior area including garage and mechanical basement, along with a 900 sf structured roof.


Pustka Residence


3,000 sf addition and remodel to single family residence


Red Mountain House


8,500 sf residence on steeply sloping site and including features such as cantilevered and insulated exposed architectural concrete walls.


Rocherolle Remodel


Alteration and addition of a two story single family residence with log framed walls, floors and roofs. 


Roll Residence


5,900 sf single family, multi story residence plus a 1,000 sf guest house.


Rubey Lot 2


One story 19,750 sf residence with a walkout basement.




6,340 sf single family multi story residence with 4,780 sf of covered porches and two 1,000 sf guest houses.




5,000 sf single family residence featuring an interior connector bridge over a small stream. 


Silverstein Residence


6,000 sf single family residence including garage.


Sky Mesa North


Remodel and addition on an existing single family residence including site retaining walls, patios and decks. 


Smith Residence


4,200 sf single family residence including garage.


Snake River House


9,000 sf single family  residence with approximately 60 tons of structural steel.





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