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St. Joseph's Hospital & Health Center


3 Buildings, Hospital is 74,000 sf, 1 story: MOB is 17,000 sf with the lower level being an outpatient surgery center: CUP is 10,000 sf utility building


Crossroads Center at Prescott College


22,000 sf steel and timber framed sustainably designed project consisting of a library, classrooms, community meeting space and cafe.


The Great Platte River Road Monument


300 foot arch spanning Interstate 80 housing an interpretive center celebrating western migration in the 1800's.


Stephen Sondheim Center for the Performing Arts


39,000 sf performing arts and convention center with a 522 seat theater and 13,000 sf of conference/convention space


Brasada Resort


LEED certified resort including a LEED Gold sales office, golf clubhouse, golf pro shop, bed and breakfast, recreation center and a post office.


Mossman Bridges


More than 30 bridges for pedestrians and golf carts.  The bridges utilize a variety of signature heavy timber forms using a stock of reclaimed timber material as the source.


Candy Box


Located at Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, Nebraska, this piece celebrates the historical significance of the city as a long time maker of candy.  Individual candy pieces are styled to represent important aspects of the city's culture.  Each candy was created from a custom mold of fast curing liquid plastic.  The box is painted aluminum. 


Ship of Pearl


Celebrating the 200th Anniversary of Saint Paul Cathedral in Boston, the piece is a new look to the building's previously unadorned pediment.  The piece is composed of aluminum furring, aluminum composite panels, and hand-formed aluminum representing the cross section of a nautilus shell.  The coating system and shape of the formed pieces mimics stone tracery found in Gothic cathedral architecture. 


Question Mark


This piece punctuates the grand opening of the newly renovated main branch of the Madison Public Library.


The Cloud


The Cloud is located in a traffic roundabout in El Paso, Texas.  It stands 60 feet high and is composed of thousands of 8 inch square, thin, metal flaps that move in the breeze.


Time Piece


This stainless steel arch with working street clocks marks the entry of the El Monte transit center outside of Los Angeles.  The cast aluminum clocks were given a steel pipe skeleton to withstand tension forces from the array of supporting cables.


Birth of the NFL


This public art piece is located in Canton, Ohio and commemorates the frontier of the NFL.  It is composed of carbon and stainless steel as well as dichroic glass.


Utep Pickaxe


This sculpture at the University of Texas of El Paso commemorates both the mining history and embrace of digital technology at the school.  The pre-rusted slain clads the cantilevered steel structure within.




Water, steel, and glass form a prominent entry to the National Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta.


Drawing Room


This comical portrait studio of sorts is constructed from 5/16 inch thick carved plate, small pipe edge stiffeners, and large pipe supports.  It provides a gathering point for visitors to a new light rail stop in Mesa, Arizona.  The cone reflects hundreds of portrait cut-outs based on photographs from local towns people.


Art Preserve


63,000 sf, 3-story art museum





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