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Special Materials

Double L


Five residential buildings, two of which involve relocation and renovation of log structures totaling 15,500sf. 


Rocherolle Remodel


Alteration and addition of a two story single family residence with log framed walls, floors and roofs. 


5846 Dahlia


Two story retail warehouse building totaling 4.400 sf. 


Denver Water


Multiple buildings including administration, parking garage, operations and renovation of an existing historic building. 


Viceroy Dubai Wood Sculpture


Freestanding timber sculpture composed of curved glue-laminated timbers.


Grufferman Residence


5,200 gsf single family residence. 


Wyoming Welcome Center


15,000 sf welcome center and offices over 11,500 sf basement constructed of steel framing, rammed earth and exposed architectural cast-in-place concrete walls and features large expanses of glazing.


Candy Box


Located at Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, Nebraska, this piece celebrates the historical significance of the city as a long time maker of candy.  Individual candy pieces are styled to represent important aspects of the city's culture.  Each candy was created from a custom mold of fast curing liquid plastic.  The box is painted aluminum. 


Ship of Pearl


Celebrating the 200th Anniversary of Saint Paul Cathedral in Boston, the piece is a new look to the building's previously unadorned pediment.  The piece is composed of aluminum furring, aluminum composite panels, and hand-formed aluminum representing the cross section of a nautilus shell.  The coating system and shape of the formed pieces mimics stone tracery found in Gothic cathedral architecture. 


Question Mark


This piece punctuates the grand opening of the newly renovated main branch of the Madison Public Library.





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