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Dembergh Construction

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Boulder Retreat


5,000 sf single family residence at the base of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.  


Black Rack


Photo-voltaic array frame for a private residence


Peaks View Residence


6,500 sf residence in a high snow and seismic region with partially exposed glulam beam construction.


Bradford Residence


6,340 square foot single family residence.  Main level is wood framing over crawl space.  Upper level is wood and steel framing.  Roof is cross-laminated timber supported by wood bearing walls and steel framing.  Lateral system is wood shear walls and specially reinforced masonry shear walls.




6,285 sf single residence with a 1,000 sf guest house, and a 720 sf detached garage.  




5,000 sf single family residence featuring an interior connector bridge over a small stream. 


Martini Residence


Single family, multi level residence of 9,368 gsf. 




Two level, single family residence of 6,900 sf structured space including garage and exterior elevated terrace. 





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