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Carney Logan Burke Architects

Boulder Retreat


5,000 sf single family residence at the base of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.  


Butte House


10,000 sf private residence featuring structured terrace over interior space and covered porches and canopies.


Fish Creek Guest House


950 sf guest house with roof that cantilevers in all directions and has very thin eave profile. 


Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve and Support Facilities


7,500 sf Interpretive Center and support facilities designed and built with the intent of minimizing stress on the natural environment - LEED BD+C Platinum.


3 Creek Ranch Compound


Custom residence featuring exposed heavy timbers and expansive mountain views located in a high seismic zone.


Black Rack


Photo-voltaic array frame for a private residence


Peaks View Residence


6,500 sf residence in a high snow and seismic region with partially exposed glulam beam construction.


Central Wyoming College Student Housing


15,500 sf two-story mulit-unit residential complexes on two campuses


Home Ranch Welcome Center


3,100 sf welcome center consisting of a visitors center, with exhibition space, and public restrooms.  


Snake River House


9,000 sf single family  residence with approximately 60 tons of structural steel.


Jackson Hole High School


160,000 sf masonry high school; performance based seismic design concepts with the goal of providing a post-earthquake refuge for the residences of Jackson


Edelson Residence


6,000 sf single family residence with three wings, one of which has an upper level.  Home has mostly wood-framed floors, a mix of wood and steel for the roof, and exposed structural steel columns and steel bents.


Sublette County Library - Phase II


8,000 sf addition to existing library.  Highlights of project include rammed earth, high seismic, exposed heavy timber trusses


Sublette County Library - Phase I


14,500 sf log and timber framed library in a high seismic region


Magee Residence


7,000 square-foot single family residence


Bradford Residence


6,340 square foot single family residence.  Main level is wood framing over crawl space.  Upper level is wood and steel framing.  Roof is cross-laminated timber supported by wood bearing walls and steel framing.  Lateral system is wood shear walls and specially reinforced masonry shear walls.




6,285 sf single residence with a 1,000 sf guest house, and a 720 sf detached garage.  




5,000 sf single family residence featuring an interior connector bridge over a small stream. 


Polo Club Residence


10,000 sf new two story residence and 1,400 sf single story guest house featuring large eaves and massive stone clad walls supported by drilled piers to accommodate the site conditions. 


Pearl and Willow


22,000 sf mixed-use project consisting of professional office space, residential units and ground floor retail.


Jackson Center for the Arts


160,000 sf performing arts complex with auditorium, art and dance studios, administration space, residential units and structured parking.


Jackson Hole Realty


Renovation and complete seismic retrofit of a former grocery store.


Shooting Star Well House


864 sf single level utility building. 


Emit Tech Office Building


38,100 sf of new construction with 5,600 sf of existing building. Skin design for new and existing building is included in a separate task.


Lamsam Sagan


Single family, multi level residence.




Two level, single family residence of 9,170 sf. 


Martini Residence


Single family, multi level residence of 9,368 gsf. 




Residential, multi-story 3,000 sf guesthouse including garage, a 600 sf dining pavilion and renovation of an existing house. 


Ewing Guest House


2000sf guest house, traditional wood stick frame with a pitched roof. 




Two level, single family residence of 9,000 sf with a walk out basement. 


Kemmerer Addition


Addition of an interior living space of 325 sf, and a new exterior deck of 250 sf to a single family residence.


Inn at Jackson Hole 2


3,000sf renovation and 9,000sf addition to an existing Inn at Jackson Hole hotel, including the demolition of an existing building and a 2 level addition in its place. 




Renovation to a single family residence, with an additional free standing building.




Single family 6,860 sf multi story residence with a 1,620 sf detached barn. 




Single family residence with 7,100 sf of interior area including garage and mechanical basement, along with a 900 sf structured roof.


Roll Residence


5,900 sf single family, multi story residence plus a 1,000 sf guest house.


The Colony


16,000 gsf single family, multi level residence with a detached garage. 


The Forty


Single family residence of 4800 sf interior space and 1100 sf exterior terraces.


Double L


Five residential buildings, two of which involve relocation and renovation of log structures totaling 15,500sf. 




Single family residence of 6,000 sf including garage, and a 440 sf exterior structured deck. 


Rocherolle Remodel


Alteration and addition of a two story single family residence with log framed walls, floors and roofs. 




6,340 sf single family multi story residence with 4,780 sf of covered porches and two 1,000 sf guest houses.




Two level, single family residence of 6,900 sf structured space including garage and exterior elevated terrace. 





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