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Think Wood & WoodWorks: Platte Fifteen Life Cycle Assessment

By Alexis Feitel; Bob Redwine, PE; Greg Kingsley, PhD, PE; Colin Hug; 

Published August 2021

Structure Magazine: Managing Uncertainties with Collaboration: The Meow Wolf Denver Project

By Shaun Franklin, PE, MBA; John Jucha, PE and Julie Wanzer, LEED AP

Published August 2021

Journal of Architectural Engineering: Cost Effectiveness of Mass Timber Beam-Column Gravity Systems

By Rachel Chaggaris, Shiling Pei, Gregory Kingsley and Erin Kinder

Published Summer 2021

Connection by CCY Architects

Featuring 7 projects engineered by KL&A

Published July 2021

Inspired by Place by CLB Architects

Featuring projects engineered by KL&A

WoodWorks: Platte Fifteen Case Study

Featuring Greg Kingsley, PhD, PE and Chris Kendall, PE 

Woodworks Index of Mass Timber Connections

FEMA ATC-116: Short-Period Building Collapse Performance and Recommendations for Improving Seismic Design


Modern Steel Construction: Reclaimed Structural Steel and LEED Credit MR 3 - Materials Reuse

By Erica Winters-Downey, SE, LEED AP 

Published May 2010

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